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Simkins was founded in 1962 as one of the pioneering firms for the entertainment and media industry and continues to be a market-leading, forward-thinking law firm that provides a full range of legal services.

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Who we are

Our firm was founded in 1962 to represent a group of up-and-coming clients from the music and film businesses.

The firm grew over the following decades to become one of a small number of specialist practices with particular expertise in the legal and business side of the media and entertainment industries and quickly gained an unparalleled reputation for outstanding deal-making, uncompromising toughness and total confidentiality and discretion for its high-profile clients.

From this foundation, the firm expanded into the full range of practice areas that you would expect from a modern and award-winning law firm. Today, Simkins continues to be one of the foremost media and entertainment firms in the country, and has developed an excellent reputation across all of our practice areas and sectors.

Our expertise
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They provide carefully considered support and guidance, adding value at every stage of the process. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
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They are very commercial, really understand our business and can apply the law practically in line with our business goals.
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They are great - we can rely on them to be responsive and do extremely high-quality work
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What we stand for

Our core values define our culture and are at the heart of everything we do

We are committed to fostering an authentic and inclusive environment and to championing and embracing diversity. At Simkins, we are:



Central in every respect to our success, including delivering a first-class service to our clients and developing cutting-edge expertise.



Required for attracting the most innovative clients and best lawyers, and achievable by keeping on top of the latest legal developments, by making full use of technology and by creating an environment that reflects our objectives and values.



Essential for growth and the development of an enterprise culture where we adapt to change, pro-actively identify our clients’ needs, and innovate in the way that we run our business and provide solutions to clients.



Necessary in all sections of our business to navigate and thrive, and in the personal and professional development of all those who work in the firm.



Fundamental to a culture where we are absolutely committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion, and a climate of partnership, mutual support and team-work in every activity undertaken by and within the firm.



Critical in the development of an inclusive and supportive environment where all who work within the firm are able to flourish and progress their careers by both realising the firm’s objectives and achieving their personal goals.

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