The Kraftwerk case – does a two-second sample infringe copyright?

March 12, 2019

Advocate General Szpunar has provided a thought-provoking opinion in a case on sampling.[1]  Sampling involves taking a sample of a sound recording for use as an element (which is often repeated as a hook or loop) in a new sound recording.  The German Federal Court of Justice[2] referred several questions to the Court of Justice… Read more »

Rebalance Artist Announcement

March 7, 2019

As a proud official partner of ReBalance, Simkins LLP is delighted to share the news that ReBalance have announced the programme’s first three finalists for 2019.  The finalists are Lady Sanity, Luna, and Martha Hill. The ReBalance programme is developed by Festival Republic and the PRS Foundation to address gender imbalance within the music industry. … Read more »

Playboy Club granted permission to bring unprecedented damages claim

February 22, 2019

In a judgment delivered by the High Court on Thursday, 21 February, Playboy Club London Limited (Club) has been granted permission to amend its claim for deceit (civil fraud) against Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro SpA (BNL) to claim as damages its costs incurred in an earlier negligence action against the same defendant. The judgment is… Read more »