What are the IP consequences of using AI to digitally resurrect loved ones?

June 17, 2024
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Associate Andrew Wilson-Bushell comments on the legal ramifications of ‘grieftech’ AI chatbots, as well as the potential ethical implications of such technology, in The Guardian.

"As with all things AI-related, the law is untested, very complex and varies from country to country – users and platforms should be thinking of rights in the training data as well as the output and regulation. These points often take time and resources to be tested in a legal court.

"I expect that the use of AI ghosts will be tested in the court of public opinion long before a legal challenge is able to take place, so for now the conversation will centre around the ethical implications of the technology, more so than the legal ones."

Andrew's comments were published in The Guardian, 14 June 2024.

Andrew Wilson-BushellAndrew Wilson-Bushell
Andrew Wilson-Bushell
Andrew Wilson-Bushell

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