UK and Brazil enter into co-production treaty

May 14, 2017
UK and Brazil enter into co-production treaty

In September 2012, the UK signed a film and television co-production treaty with the government of Brazil. The treaty, which was presented to Parliament on February 2017 and ratified on 27 April 2017, will enable film and television productions that fall within its remit to have national status in both countries.

Business impact

The treaty will have major financial benefits for qualifying co-productions. In Brazil, such productions will be eligible for tax incentives and federal public funds, as well as having access to favourable television terms.

In the United Kingdom, producers may be able to qualify for film and television tax reliefs and may be able to apply to the BFI Film Fund, which is set to dedicate £92 million to supporting the production and development of British films by 2022, equating to £18.4 million per year. For TV production companies, it presents another opportunity for international co-production.

Thomas Moore, Trainee Solicitor, Simkins LLP

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