Royal Mail appoints Simkins to legal panel

November 27, 2014
Royal Mail appoints Simkins to legal panel

Royal Mail has today announced the appointment of Simkins to their legal panel.

An announcement made by Neil Harnby, Group General Counsel of Royal Mail said:

“Royal Mail has completed its first comprehensive panel review since listing on the London Stock Exchange in October last year.  Maaike de Bie, Deputy General Counsel and Sarah Barrett-Vane, Director, Legal Operations, led the panel review for Neil Harnby, the Group General Counsel, which sees the number of law firms supporting Royal Mail as a listed company increase significantly.

Maaike de Bie said that given the breadth and variety of work across the United Kingdom, Royal Mail needed to appoint the right size and number of firms that could cater for all of its legal, corporate, regulatory and compliance work.  She added that the advisory portfolio is complex and built around Royal Mail Group’s national scale and the unique legacy arising from, until recently, its state ownership. 

Firms have been asked to work in partnership in a bid to embed a consistent way of working to meet the ever increasing demands of the business, to help drive efficiency within Royal Mail and to sponsor diversity initiatives, both within their own firms and the Royal Mail Group.  The diversity agenda will be led by Elizabeth Wilks-Wood, Royal Mail Group’s Compliance Officer.”

Gideon Benaim, Head of Reputation at Simkins said: “We are delighted to be appointed by Royal Mail to their panel and look forward to continuing to work together.”

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