Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation Bill 2024: The Provisions and Problems

March 7, 2024
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Partner Gideon Benaim discusses the provisions of - and the problems with - the Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation Bill 2024 in The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog.

In Part One, Gideon examines the test for designation as a SLAPP, which matters are deemed to be of "public interest", and the likely consequences for a case being designated a SLAPP.

Gideon continues in Part Two to address the problems posed by the Bill, concluding that it fails to strike a proper balance between the Article 10 right to freedom of expression and the Article 8 right to privacy and reputation.

Gideon's article was published in two parts. Part One was published on 6 March 2024, here, and Part Two was published on 7 March 2024, here.

Gideon BenaimGideon Benaim
Gideon Benaim
Gideon Benaim

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