Reviving Prince Andrew's reputation - a long climb ahead

September 4, 2023
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Partner Gideon Benaim comments on the challenges Prince Andrew must face in order to rehabilitate his reputation, in BBC News.

"After the Virginia Guiffre case, his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and his car crash Newsnight interview, Prince Andrew has a mountain to climb in rehabilitating himself with the public. The likes of Jonathan Aitken and John Profumo recovered disgraced reputations through a mix of acknowledging their actions, showing contrition and working for decades for the public good. That could be a route back for Prince Andrew, but it will be neither easy nor quick.

"The public has clearly cast Prince Andrew into a bleak reputational pit and few are ready to consider or accept his rehabilitation. However, people also like to forgive. If, with the passage of time, they are provided with evidence of genuine contrition, humbleness and a sense that a person has learned the lessons of their own poor behaviour, they will tolerate rehabilitation. Prince Andrew must show these things to give himself a chance of rebuilding his reputation."

Gideon's comments were published in BBC News, 2 September 2023, and can be found here.

Gideon BenaimGideon Benaim
Gideon Benaim
Gideon Benaim

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