Nick Eziefula interviewed on the Did Ya Know podcast

July 7, 2023
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Partner Nick Eziefula was interviewed by Adrian Sykes on the Did Ya Know podcast, where he discussed his upbringing, his passion for music, and his career as a lawyer and musician. The transcript of the interview was published in Music Business Worldwide.

They discussed Nick's path to the music industry, as well as his upbringing and education. Nick explained that his upbringing and early life experiences taught him how to look at things from different perspectives, which he applies to his legal practice.

Nick also discussed the various hip-hop and rap artists that influenced his understanding of music, from De La Soul to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. He also offered advice to young artists today, including not being intimidated by other people in the room and being mindful of the basic benefits and drawbacks when forging deals in the industry.

Nick also discussed his work with Power Up, a programme to combat anti-Black racism within the music industry by supporting the careers of Black creatives and professionals. After participating in the programme for one year, Nick brought in Simkins to be a supporter of the programme, which continues to this day.

He touched on the incremental progress with respect to Black inclusion in the legal side of the music industry, stressing that this progress must continue. He explained that, while there are certainly more Black lawyers in the industry now than early in his career, he still often finds himself in rooms where there are few people of colour, particularly in the corporate world.

Nick concluded by reflecting on his gratitude for his successes thus far and his drive to continue to learn and achieve new things.

Nick EziefulaNick Eziefula
Nick Eziefula
Nick Eziefula

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