Government backs (seriously flawed) bill to curb SLAPPs

February 29, 2024
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Partner Gideon Benaim comments on a Government-backed bill aimed at curbing the use of SLAPPs, and how it could erode important protections against defamation and press intrusion.

"Whilst the draft bill was likely well meant, if it becomes the law without substantial changes it will likely make matters worse. The drafting needs to make crystal clear that its principal aim is to protect journalism on matters of major public interest from abuse by the super-rich trying to hide wrongdoing. Currently, just about any claim about any publication could be falsely regarded as a SLAPP. It risks preventing legitimate claims and failing victims of press intrusion."

Gideon's comments were published in The Times, 29 February 2024.

Gideon BenaimGideon Benaim
Gideon Benaim
Gideon Benaim

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