Ed Sheeran wins Thinking Out Loud copyright case

May 5, 2023

Partner Nick Eziefula was interviewed widely across the BBC regarding the news that Ed Sheeran has won his copyright trial over alleged similarities between his hit 'Thinking Out Loud' and the Marvin Gaye classic 'Let's Get It On'.

His comments were also published in the Financial Times, the Daily Mail and Digital Music News.

"Another significant court win for Sheeran, which makes the line between inspiration and infringement a little less blurred. Although this decision doesn’t set a direct legal precedent (as all such cases tend to turn on their particular factual circumstances), the outcome here will be reassuring to many within the music industry, as it helps to reinforce the principle that nobody can own the fundamental building-blocks of music.

"As we saw before on the “Blurred Lines” case, a jury-based system can sometimes lead to unpredictable outcomes, when faced with complex, technical questions at the intersection between copyright law and music theory. This decision will ease concerns of floodgates being opened to ever more song infringement claims of this kind."

Nick was interviewed on the BBC News channel, BBC World Service's Newshour here (19:35), BBC Radio Four's The World Tonight here (30:22), and The Jeremy Vine Show here (39:46).

Nick's comments can be found in the Financial Times here, the Daily Mail here, and Digital Music News here.

Nick EziefulaNick Eziefula
Nick Eziefula
Nick Eziefula

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