The commercialisation of AI-generated music

May 28, 2023

Partner Nick Eziefula comments on the commercialisation of AI-generated music in Business Insider.

Nick notes that many of the recent legal headaches in relation to AI-generated music are not new, and are similar to ongoing issues around imitation in the creative sectors, commenting, "We've always had in the creative sectors where sometimes a new piece of work is actually based on someone else's."

He explains that, if original music is copied from someone else's work without permission, then it will most likely be an "infringement", highlighting that, "copyright protects the expression of an idea, rather than the idea itself."

He concludes, "I think we'll have AI-powered styles and approaches to music which could be great to enjoy as long as it's done in a fair way, in a lawful way, and in an ethical way."

Nick's comments were published in Business Insider, 28 May 2023, and can be found here.

Nick EziefulaNick Eziefula
Nick Eziefula
Nick Eziefula

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