British actress Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas to return their two daughters to England

September 22, 2023
Tower Bridge

Partner Deborah Jeff comments on the news that British actress Sophie Turner has sued Joe Jonas for the return of their two young children to England, in The Independent.

“This development is a sensible and strategic step on Sophie Turner’s part.

“The Hague Convention is a blunt instrument, and children are usually automatically returned to the country where they are habitually resident if an allegation of wrongful retention is made.

“Assuming Sophie and Joe’s children return to England, a Family court judge will then apply a welfare checklist to determine their long-term residence and, crucially, the arrangements for maintaining a relationship with Joe.

“Often parents make allegations against each other of behaviour that might impact on the children’s welfare. Any such allegations will be addressed first by the court at a ‘fact-finding hearing’ before then determining the arrangements for where and with whom the children will live and when they will spend time with the other parent.

“The court will do its utmost to keep both parents in the children’s lives, unless there are safeguarding issues that would present a possible threat to their best interests.

“The sad truth is that, for an international family, proceedings such as these are all too common when a relationship breaks down.”

Deborah's comments were published in The Independent, 22 September 2023, and can be found here.

Deborah JeffDeborah Jeff
Deborah Jeff
Deborah Jeff

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