Fee Information

We will provide you with a fee estimate when we understand the nature and scope of your instructions.

In our fees we take into account various factors, such as the complexity of the matter, the time spent on it, the amount of money involved, whether the transaction is completed, the skill required, the responsibility taken and whether we are required to work outside usual office hours.

It is our normal practice to apply hourly rates (reflecting the general nature of the work and the experience of the fee-earner concerned) to the time that each fee-earner spends on the matter.  The time spent on a matter is calculated on the basis of units of six minutes.  Time incurred will include: meetings; travelling to and from meetings; considering, preparing and working on documents; correspondence (including by post, fax and email); and making and receiving telephone calls.  The resulting sum is then reviewed in the light of the factors referred to above in order to arrive at an amount that is fair and reasonable.

Our charges are not contingent and will be payable whether or not a matter proceeds to completion.

For some categories of work, we have prepared fee information setting out in more detail the fees we expect to charge – please click on the relevant links in the side bar of this page.