Historic meetings with PM, Deputy PM, and, Leader of the Opposition

Posted: November 22, 2012

Reputation Protection partner Gideon Benaim attended yesterday’s historic series of meetings (22 November 2012) with Prime Minister David Cameron, the leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband and the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. The meeting was organized by Hacked Off so that many victims of press abuse, who are in reality now expert witnesses on the subject, could meet the Leaders in private to discuss issues.

Gideon said “The meetings were private so it isn’t appropriate to discuss specific details but it was absolutely clear that all 3 leaders fully understood the importance of an all-party approach to the Leveson recommendations, the urgent need for radical change to press regulation, and importantly, that there should be swift action once the Report is published. Those expert witnesses who have been brave enough to come forward and who continue to speak on the issue were commended by the Leaders.”

Hacked Off has posted more about yesterday’s historic series of meetings on their websitehttp://hackinginquiry.org/news/press-abuse-victims-meet-all-three-party-leaders/