The publishing industry has undergone a seismic change in the last decade.

Traditional publishing business has faced, and continues to face, huge challenges, whilst the advent of the digital world has provided many new opportunities.

Our publishing lawyers have a successful track record in helping clients explore the challenges and opportunities within the industry. We are able to advise on traditional publishing contracts, put together robust commercial deals for the digital environment and resolve disputes over matters as diverse as defamation and distribution.

Our client list is an eclectic mix of authors, libraries, magazine groups, literary agencies, book publishers and trade organisations.


  • Copyright litigation
  • Literary agents’ agreements
  • E-books
  • Online publishing regulation
  • Commissioning agreements
  • Merchandising agreements
  • Contract publishing agreements
  • Supplier contracts
  • Libel reading
  • Defamation & privacy disputes
  • PCC complaints
  • Literary estates
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Illustration commissions
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Digital distribution agreements.
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    They are great - we can rely on them to be responsive and do extremely high-quality work
    Chambers & Partners, 2020
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    Every lawyer I have worked with has been friendly, approachable and willing to listen.
    Chambers & Partners, 2019
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    They are very commercial, really understand our business and can apply the law practically in line with our business goals.
    Chambers & Partners, 2020
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    They understand our business incredibly well and provide a range of specialists as needed.
    Chambers & Partners, 2018
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    Huge effort, attention to detail and great concern for their clients.
    Chambers & Partners, 2017
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    They provide carefully considered support and guidance, adding value at every stage of the process. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
    Chambers & Partners, 2018