Digital Media
The digital revolution has radically changed our lives and our businesses. And the pace of technological change continues.

We hear constantly about new platforms, alternative delivery methods and disruptive business models.  All businesses, old and new, need to adapt to this rapidly changing environment.

Our digital media group is steeped in all things digital and assists both new and existing businesses navigate its challenges. We are on top of all relevant regulatory developments, including in data protection, e-commerce, IP and privacy, and our deep and wide-ranging experience means we can offer practical, useful advice.  We help clients manage their compliance risk and take full advantage of all the new business opportunities presented by our digital world.


  • Website development agreements
  • IPTV production
  • Mobile/online games and television
  • Copyright infringement
  • Ad-funded and branded content
  • Software agreements
  • Supplier contracts
  • Domain name transfers and disputes
  • User generated content
  • CGI production agreements
  • Creative commons
  • DRM technology
  • Music licensing
  • Website terms & conditions
  • Data protection & privacy
  • website development agreements
  • Digital distribution agreements
  • Online computer games.
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    They are great - we can rely on them to be responsive and do extremely high-quality work
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    Every lawyer I have worked with has been friendly, approachable and willing to listen.
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    They are very commercial, really understand our business and can apply the law practically in line with our business goals.
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    They understand our business incredibly well and provide a range of specialists as needed.
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    Huge effort, attention to detail and great concern for their clients.
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    They provide carefully considered support and guidance, adding value at every stage of the process. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
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