Simkins’ Employment team are hosting a Seminar on 21 June 2017: Is your workforce as flexible as you think?

Posted: May 11, 2017

Workers’ status particularly in the context of the gig economy has not been far from the news recently.

Cases involving Uber, Pimlico Plumbers and Deliveroo have all made the headlines and many employers have become increasingly nervous that their workforce may not be quite as flexible as they thought.

For employers who use contactors, freelancers, casual workers or zero hours contracts to ensure they have a flexible bank of staff, the potential cost of wrongly categorising their workers can be significant and, as Uber have found out, can be very public.

In this seminar we will look at:

  • How current employment law categorises workers and the key differences between:
    – an employee
    – a worker
    – a self-employed consultant
  • Why the distinction is important
  • The use of casual, zero hours and bank workers
  • The recent “gig economy” cases and their relevance to you
  • Practical tips for you on how best to address concerns including how to document self-employed relationships
  • Where current employment practices need to change in order to keep pace with modern business models

This seminar is aimed at anyone involved with or responsible for recruiting and/or managing staff.

If you are interested in attending please send your name, company name, position held and a contact email address to for further details.

Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.