Copyright exceptions on parody, quotation & private copying approved by Parliament – changes in effect 1 October 2014

Posted: August 1, 2014

On Tuesday, the House of Lords approved two statutory instruments implementing exceptions to copyright infringement for parody, quotation and private copying.  This was the final stage in the parliamentary approval process for these proposals, and we can now expect the legislation to come into force on 1 October.

The introduction of these exceptions has been the subject of some considerable debate in Parliament, with particular concern being expressed that such significant changes to our copyright laws are being brought forward in the form of secondary legislation which is not subject to the same degree of scrutiny as primary legislation. 

Click here to read extracts from Hansard (at column 1553) and here (private copying) and here (parody and quotation) to see the approved Statutory Instruments.

For further information, contact Euan Lawson or Ed Baden-Powell.