Leveson Report to be published on Thursday 29th November

Posted: November 22, 2012

Leveson Report to be published on Thursday 29th November.

It was announced today that Lord Justice Leveson will publish his much anticipated Report on Thursday 29th November 2012. Leveson himself will make a short statement at 1.30pm on the day but will not answer questions. It has also been announced that MP’s will debate the Report at around 2.30pm on Monday 3rd December 2012.

Simkins’ reputation protection partner Gideon Benaim, who will attend the debate in the Commons, commented that, “What a week it has been. After the 3 leaders met with many victims, the announcement that the Leveson Report will be published on 29th November, and with confirmation that MP’s will debate it on 3rd December, we have finally reached a pivotal moment. I am truly optimistic that the Leaders will rally their parties behind them to swiftly consider and action the recommendations. This is a watershed moment and all those who have been involved in the process, and even those who have simply watched events unfold over the last 18 months, eagerly await the outcome.”