Collective Rights Management: multi-territorial licensing and self-regulation

2 April 2014

The Council of the European Union has approved and adopted a new Directive on the collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online uses in the internal market (the Directive).1 The new Directive aims to make it easier for online providers to obtain licences to stream…

Victory for landlords as Court of Appeal hands down decision in the Game Station case

13 March 2014


The Game Station case1 is the latest in a string of decisions following the landmark rulings in Goldacre and Luminar. It considers whether rent due under a lease between the landlord and a company in administration should be deducted as an expense of the administration.  Background Historically the treatment of rent in administrations was determined…

Assignments of future copyright extend to rights that writers “may” own

18 February 2014


The Court of Appeal has confirmed that the Performing Right Society owns rights in a piece of film music that the satellite broadcaster B4U had purported to own.   The composers assigned rights generally in future works to the collecting society, but later agreed to transfer rights in future works to the film producers that commissioned…

High Court grants further blocking injunction against film and TV streaming websites

18 February 2014


In Paramount Home Entertainment v BSkyB the High Court has considered another application for a website blocking order made by a number of major film studios.  Mr Justice Arnold ordered the UK’s six main internet service providers to block access to two websites that provided links to unauthorised copies of films and TV programmes.   The…

Copyright Tribunal rules on licence fee to be paid by BBC to Welsh collecting society

18 February 2014


The Copyright Tribunal has ruled that the BBC must pay a licence fee of £100,000 per year to Eos.   Eos is a collecting society whose members are primarily composers, authors and/or publishers of Welsh-language music.   Applying the BBC’s model, which the Tribunal considered a useful starting point, resulted in a baseline licence fee of £46,000…

Simkins’ Gideon Benaim comments on social media abuse on Sky News

22 January 2014


Simkins’ Gideon Benaim appeared on Sky News this morning regarding the abuse suffered by Stan Collymore and others on social media platforms. Gideon’s 3 key points: 1. Social media companies must take more responsibility once they receive a valid complaint; 2. You can have 15 report abuse buttons on the same page, but, if no one deals with them quickly, it’s…

Operators of Websites

10 December 2013


For the first part of this article <click here> For the second part of this article <click here>For the third part of this article <click here>Until now, the law has at times suffered criticism for failing to keep pace with the digital age.  Whether such criticism was fair or not, this section, described during the Commons…

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